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Manage Rates

Manage Rates

Save time you used to spend chasing invoices and comparing carrier rates



Quickly and accurately from your own carrier mix



Book consignments up to 80% faster than before


Auto Manifest

Directly to the most appropriate carrier for the job and never miss a cut-off time

Auto Track

Auto Track

With notifications at every point of the supply chain



Link invoices to jobs and receive alerts for variations

Designed by frustrated shipping professionals.
Used by delighted ones

We got sick of the old way— disparate systems, labour intensive processes, lack of visibility and increasing customer expectations that couldn’t be met.
MachShip is the independent, cloud-based freight management system making freight easy for shippers like you. We help you connect all the players in your logistics ecosystem (senders, receivers, carriers and 3PL’s) to offer your clients and stakeholders full visibility and control over freight shipments.

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MachShip has been great allowing us to manage our entire day to day freight movement on a single dashboard. Their robust platform has given us the ability to scale our freight operation drastically saving us countless hours of manual work.
Ken Lau, Eva Mattress

I’m super impressed with how responsive you’ve been, and by how quickly the dev team have been able to turn things around. Fantastic solution for us, Thank you.

MachShip’s tracking system saves a huge amount of time when a customer calls in and is chasing their item because I can see exactly where it is. I can easily track when an item has been picked up, in transit and delivered.

Vanessa Williams, Blue Diamond


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