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Efficient shipping management in Five Steps


MachShip’s guide to improving efficiency while staying competitive.

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You’ve probably read and heard the ongoing commentary around the imminent change that will and needs to occur in the logistics space globally.

Blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets – there’s no doubt this will be the way of the future.

But with the overwhelming amount of information and number of shipping management systems on the market, it can be difficult to know when your business should adapt and which shipping software is right for your business.

If you’ve been around long enough, you may still be reliving some bad technology decisions and be questioning whether you need to make any changes to your business at all. After all, it’s working well.

Is it possible to prepare your business now for change, while helping your bottom line?

We’ve put together a guide with five steps that can help you answer this question.



What does our guide include?

Our guide covers the impactful changes you can implement now to your processes, people and technology, so your business is positioned to react when the time is right.

We look at:

    The benefits of cloud-based technology.

    Data collection and how to leverage it.

    What an omnichannel approach is and how it can help you better your customers’ experience.

    How introducing new people can help improve your business strategy.

    How to provide a better customer service and put your business ahead of your competitors

Why is the guide useful?

Having the right shipping management software can help prepare your business for the change that will impact the supply chain globally. Choosing the right shipping management system that complements your business can be the tricky part.

Our downloadable PDF cuts through the hype and reveals what could be boosting your bottom line right now.


About MachShip

MachShip is an independent cloud-based freight management system designed for enterprise wholesale and distribution businesses and e-commerce, as well as freight brokers, to simplify their logistics process.

Our cutting-edge technology provides a powerful solution that consolidates whole-freight tasks into one centralised system.