Logistics Management Software

Five Steps

to improve your shipping and logistics efficiencies


MachShip’s guide to maximising your return on logistics software investments.

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A change is undeniably coming to the wholesale, distribution and shipping industries. In fact, changes to the way logistics management is carried out are already underway.

Businesses are quickly reaching the point where change is no longer a necessity to compete in the market. It’s a necessity to survive.

With so much commentary and hype around the disruption that’s coming to the supply chain space globally, uncertainty is high, and businesses are reluctant to react.


Because much of the information is widely misunderstood.

  • What’s real and relevant?
  • How can your business embrace the change that is coming?
  • Is it necessary to outlay capital and invest in a new technology

We’ve put together a guide to explore five steps that can help you improve efficiency while maximising your return on investment now.



What topics does the guide cover?

We look at low-risk and affordable ways to improve processes, people and technology efficiencies:

    Data – how to collect and leverage.

    Technology – what cloud-based technology to invest in.

    Omnichannel – why adopt an omnichannel approach and how to do it.

    People – the essential mindsets required for success.

    Customers – why customer experience is critical.

Why is this guide useful?

Our guide is designed to help your business not only survive but thrive with respect to managing your logistics and customer service. Simple and affordable adjustments now will set you up for future success.

Having the right technology in place is one of the first steps to preparing for the changes that are coming, and it’s doesn’t need to cost a fortune.


About MachShip

Our logistics management software provides our customers with control and efficiency, and all stakeholders enhanced visibility, over the management of their freight within the complex logistics environment, from quote through to delivery.

The simplest, yet most complete freight management system you’ll ever need.