MachShip Integration

MachShip is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems

MachShip’s application programming interface (API) allows for full and seamless integration of your existing systems. Our integration methods incorporate both plug-ins and representational state transfer principals (better known as RESTful API), which gives our software the freedom and flexibility to meet your interoperability needs.

What does the MachShip API do?

MachShip allows you to call the API from your online shopping cart, customer relationship system (CRM), inventory management system or enterprise resource planning (EPR) systems.

Our API also supports standalone cases such as parcel label printing, as well as more powerful functions to enable shipping process automation.

Access endpoints that enable quoting, booking, dispatch, tracking, and reconciliation to automate e-commerce workflows as well as more traditional offline wholesale and distribution channels.

How does MachShip facilitate carrier and system integration?

We integrate your existing carriers and systems using our simple four-step integration process.


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