Freight Broker

Do you need a freight broker? Five Impactful Steps

to enable logistics to become a core competency of your business


MachShip’s guide to taking control of your freight logistics in five simple steps.

MachShip streamlines your entire freight task into a single, powerful solution giving you full control and efficiency, and all stakeholders enhanced visibility, over your logistics.


With the ongoing commentary around the imminent change that’s happening in the logistics space globally, it’s difficult to know what’s real and relevant.

You’ve heard about the disruption that’s coming, so maybe it’s time to get help and prepare for the future.

Perhaps you’re considering engaging a freight broker, and why not? They have the industry connections and experience, and they could save you time and money in the long run.

But there can be faster, easier and more efficient options for long-term success.

Did you know it’s possible to take complete control of your freight tasks and streamline them using a single software platform, without the help of a freight broker? Even if logistics management is not a core competency of your business.

Want to know more?

MachShip has developed a guide that not only cuts through the hype about the change that’s coming to the wholesale, distribution and shipping industry but offers five steps to make your business more efficient now, while maximising your return on investment.



What our guide covers

Improving your shipping and logistics efficiencies while maximising your bottom line is. Our guide covers:

    Cloud-based technology – why you should consider using it.

    Data – how to aggregate and leverage it.

    Omnichannel approach – how it can improve your business.

    People – how investing can improve business strategy.

    Competing on customer experience – how it can put business ahead.

Why is this guide important?

Preparing your business for future change is about being well-informed and flexible.

Sure, a freight broker is one option but integrating affordable and independent freight management software, along with the right people and efficient processes, will set your business up for long-term success.

Our downloadable guide takes you through five low-risk steps that will help you prepare your business without the huge outlay.


What is MachShip?

MachShip an independent cloud-based freight management software designed for enterprise wholesale and distribution businesses and e-commerce to simplify their logistics process.

It’s a different kind of software platform because we developed our technology around you – our distribution, shipping and logistics customers.