The freight broker software of the future.

The freight broker software of the future.

Real-time visibility and unrivalled efficiency.

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Wholesalers and enterprise shippers used to have to look after their whole freight process manually.

Pen and paper, convoluted Excel spreadsheets, chase-up phone calls… sound familiar?
It took way longer than it needed to—and invoice discrepancies meant they were losing money without even realising. It was grossly inefficient.
Now, they’re saving vital hours on admin, making less errors and enjoying end-to-end visibility over their freight by using MachShip’s freight broker software.

MachShip’s independently-built, cloud-based freight broker software is making life a little easier for shippers like you.

We let you consolidate your whole freight task into one simple platform. Keep your negotiated rates – just use our cutting-edge technology to streamline your processes and save yourself a few headaches.

Getting started with MachShip is quick and easy –
simply pay per month based only on your freight usage.

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MachShip has been great allowing us to manage our entire day to day freight movement on a single dashboard. Their robust platform has given us the ability to scale our freight operation drastically saving us countless hours of manual work.
Ken Lau, Eva Mattress

I’m super impressed with how responsive you’ve been, and by how quickly the dev team have been able to turn things around. Fantastic solution for us, Thank you.

“MachShip went above and beyond to facilitate our integration and set-up, and were constantly available for support. Their platform was easy to use and enabled us to work through 45,000 Big Freeze Beanie orders in less than 4 weeks. It would not have been possible without them. We can not thank them enough.”

Adam Kinross, Fight MND
MachShip has substantially improved the accuracy of carrier service selection and our visibility over freight once it has left the warehouse. The system, with its easy to use, logical workflow has provided us with a single source of truth over the management of our freight and transport operations allowing us to make more informed decisions on cost management and customer service.
MachShip has being a great addition to Richmond Wheels & Castors. The simplicity of the MachShip website has enabled productivity within each of our stores. The easy quote / create consignment sections takes the thinking away for increased time management and the ability to save on freight costs.

The staff are very friendly and happy to assist with any enquiry we may have to ensure we are getting the best outcomes from our freight providers. We highly recommend MachShip and look forward to working with them for many more years to come.

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