Machship Features old

Complete freight management with comprehensive features

Rate management and quoting

  • Upload and manage your negotiated carrier rates.
  • View all available carriers and rates, and always select the best option.
  • Automated carrier selection.

Consign and manifest

  • Book consignments for all available carriers.
  • Create and save your items, and link them to a business ID/SKU.
  • Manage surcharges and delivery options for specific carriers.
  • Progressive consignments – begin a freight booking and add to it later.
  • Create and print consignment details, manifests and labels for specific carriers.
  • Automatic individual or bulk manifests, so you never miss a cut-off time.


  • Manage and track all existing consignments.
  • Send email and SMS notifications to customers with tracking details.
  • Track consignments at every point of the supply chain.
  • Receive ETA based alerts for consignments not directly accessible from the carrier.

Reconciliation and invoicing

  • Automatic reconciliation to manage carrier invoices and balance consignments.
  • Link carrier invoices to jobs.
  • Receive alerts for cost variations of consignments and set tolerances.
  • Cost centre allocations and account relationship facilitation available.


  • Manage your freight task with the live dashboard function.
  • Create financial and operational reports.
  • Set up workflow notifications for fast response times.

Seamless integration of existing systems

The Machship API provides a simple way to integrate our shipping services into your existing systems. You can call the API from your Online Shopping Cart, Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), ERP or Inventory Management System.

Dangerous goods compliance capabilities

Machship allows you to create and send dangerous goods consignments and offers a step-by-step system that produces compliant labelling and documentation to provide efficiencies for your qualified staff.

Machship Support

Receive personalised online training anywhere in Australia from our system specialists when you first join Machship. Then receive ongoing in-app chat and email support via our dedicated helpdesk.

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