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The ability to cooperate on a massive scale is arguably our  largest differentiating factor from other species, and the reason humans are the dominant life form on this planet.

Nothing epitomises our ability to cooperate more than the practice of trade. Logistics, or the organised activity of moving goods for trade, forms a basis for any nation’s economy. In Australia, the logistics industry:

  • Represents 8.6% of GDP
  • Adds more than $130billion annually to our economy
  • Employs 1.2 million Australians
  • Boosts the GDP by $2billion for every 1% increase in efficiency

At MachShip, it is our mission to be the leading force in enabling greater efficiencies in the way organisations facilitate their logistics operations—improving Australia’s economic activity and the lifestyle of all its citizens.

Read more below about the importance of our logistics industry—and why we think it’s in danger of falling behind.

Australian logistics: the unsung hero of the economy

January 25th, 2019

Economies around the world have grown meteorically from global trade in the last 100 years. Australian’s, in particular, owe plenty to its logistics industry. Constantly-evolving freight networks have made Australia one of the most prosperous countries in the world – facilitating exports from our core industries that fuel our world-leading GDP […]

MachShip was developed and launched in 2014 by a team of transport, logistics and software specialists.

We are a different kind of freight management system provider because we developed our technology around you – our distribution, shipping and logistics customers. We spent a long time looking at the inefficiencies in the old way and developed a new one that’s miles better.

Logistics is the ‘circulatory system’ of our economy. We couldn’t survive without it. And we’re proud to be a part of something that’s changing the way it does business.





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