The freight management platform for control, efficiency and visibility

Launched in 2014, MachShip is an independent cloud-based freight management platform designed for enterprise wholesale and distribution businesses and large e-commerce businesses to simplify their logistics process.

We provide our customers with control and efficiency, and all stakeholders enhanced visibility, over the management of their freight within the complex logistics environment, from quote through to delivery. Our customers choose our software because of its user-friendly interface and its ability to seamlessly integrate with their existing CRM, ERP service providers and e-commerce platforms, as well as Accounting platforms.
MachShip is proudly Australian owned and operated and was developed by a team of transport, logistics and software specialists. The name MachShip (pronounced mark-ship) was derived from Mach number (the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the surrounding medium) and the word shipping, to represent the efficiency of our freight management software.

Our Integrated Carriers

Our ever-growing carrier network

MachShip has an extensive carrier network that continues to grow. We work with all types of providers including Full Truckload (FTL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), Parcel, White Glove and Contract Truckload providers.

Building value through commitment

We build value for our customers by committing to our promises.

  • MachShip is the simplest, yet most complete freight management system (FMS) you’ll ever need.
  • Seamless system integrations.
  • Improved control, efficiency and visibility over your freight management.

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